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High Lift Double Girder Crane

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Double Girder Overhead Crane

The double girder crane is specially sued in those industries that have to deal with extremely heavy loads. The crane has two girders on which the main hoist is loaded. This provides an extra support to the crane and makes it able to handle heavy load easily. The weight that the crane lifts gets divided on both the girder and reduces the load on a single girder. The high lift double girder crane is used when the intense load needs to be lifted to a high height.

We offer the most reliable girder cranes that are famous among the clients for their excellent performance and supreme quality.
As being one of the well recognized manufacturer and supplier of different kinds of premium quality cranes, we offer High Lift Double Girder Crane with excellent and advanced features. The fabrication is done using the best quality raw materials acquired from top dealers in the market. Then the design and manufacturing process is handled by the skilled engineers of our industry. The girder crane has wire rope in the hoist that is suspended from the top through which the substance is lifted at a great height.
The working of this girder is easy and simple. Our clients for the heavy load bearing capacity, great durability and consistent performance appreciate the high lift double girder crane. The crane comes with special features embedded in it which enhances their working. The addition of the second girder in the crane improves the ability to manage the stress and increases the lifespan of the crane.

Double Girder EOT Crane

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